Friday, December 5, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I ordered a few gnome stamps from Odd Bird Planet last week. I think they are absolutely adorable and needed a few more. I had ordered before and they were mailed in a very nice handmade card.

Today I opened the mail and saw an envelope that seemed a little heavy. I opened it and look what I found! They had enclosed 5 beautiful cards tied with a ribbon and an other card (the one with the giant cupcake) with the stamps. Wow! that was SO nice of them! I love them all and know they will find good homes! The one with the pink baby carriage is perfect, especially since 4 of my friends are pregnant right now. (There's something in the water so I'm drinking Diet Coke!)

Thanks for looking! Shoot on over the Odd Bird Planet and pick up some rubber!!!