Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy times

['here did the weekend go? I swear I blinked and it's Sunday night. It's been a little busy here. We got a new kitty, a tiny adorable gray puff ball. We decided to name him Luger in honor of Kevin's favorite steak house, Peter Luger's in NYC. Delicious steaks and a fine name for a soon to be giant Maine Coon Kitty. We've been having a "wonderful" time introducing him to the other two. Right now he is sitting on my lap/computer as I type this post. Grin...

So, here is a little something I made for the Verve sketch challenge. I am loving the new SU! in colors. The crushed curry looks awesome with Basic Gray when paired with the designer paper from MME.

For the flower I took some designer paper and ripped it into 3 rough circles. I crumpled them and layered them together. I sewed it together with a button.

I hear some hissing, Godiva is still pretty unhappy with the new arrival, so I have to make sure everyone is still in one piece.



Danni said...

Very pretty card!

care said...

HOW?!?? HOW??!?

how can you have a post and tell us about your new kitty addition who is so conveniently and cutely perched on your desk and not show us a picture? huh? how???


and I LOVE the card. it's one of my faves I've seen you do!