Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How abut some BLOG Candy!!!

I think it's time for a little blog candy! This note is a little long, so please read to the end to see how to win the candy!!!

I have a bit of a sad story, you see I cleaned the fish tank last night and this morning when we awoke I had Kev check to see how they were doing. He gets out of bed and walks into the hall to the tank. It's quiet for several seconds...

Me: Is everything OK?
Kev: Can fish be dead on the bottom of the tank or do they float to the top?
Me: They don't always float
Kev: Ooooo... it looks like you got them all this time, even the sucker fish.
Me: Owwww... that sinks (sad) Well, maybe this is a sign that we should put away the tank and stop having fish.
Kev: But I LIKE having fish... Oh look the sucker fish is moving!!! He survived!
Me: How about that....

Here's the thing, this is not the first Fish Holocaust I've been responsible for. It's actually the second. The last time I gave the tank a good cleaning I killed them all then too... EXCEPT for the sucker fish. That guy has survived numerous attempts on his life and lived to tell the tale.

This fish is at least 5 or 6 years old and may have moved with me from Pittsburgh to WV. Then he definitely moved from WV to NC. He rode in a bucket on the front seat of my car and stayed in the bucket for at least a week until the tank was set up. Then a move from the apartment to the house and he's been in the house almost 3 years. He survived the Great Fish Holocaust of 2007 AND 2009. Many of his brethren have fallen, yet the sucker fish remains...

He's even survived the harassment of 2 curious kitties.

(Titus is in the front and Godiva is behind the tank.) Yeah, I'd hide too...

So, here's the candy! I have a "Bundle Up" stamp from Studio Calico (check out my project a few posts down.) a jar of red Stickles, a Warm Gray 01 Copic Ciao marker, stamps from Studio G, some awesome designer paper from Debbie Mum and some stamped images! Wanna win??
Here's what you need to do:

1. Leave a post on my blog and suggest a name for the sucker fish. After 5 years he needs a name!
2. Spread the word! Tell others about my candy and let me know how you did it!
That's it! The candy ends on February 13th at 8pm. I'll post the winner on the 14th!


Anonymous said...

How about Kisser :)
I am having trouble posting so I am posting anonymous

Denise said...

Well I do not know about you but this sucker fish has only two names and they would either be Survivor or Morris after The name of the cat that has 9 lives! My sons class was setting up fish tanks in the classroom and the teacher kept reminding them not to put their hands into them at all because the soaps and perfumes on their bodies are killing the fish. I used to put my hands in the tank to clean them all the time. She is a marine biologist and said that the chemicals on our bodies are killing the average fish now these days. Anyway I can relate with the fish killings, we actually froze ours once when we were gone and lost power and the house temperature went way below freezing! Never ever expected this! Expecially since I live in south Florida!

Hoepfully it pulls through!

Oh and by email and I think I have to post a link on my blog!

Denise Wells

SherryBee said...

Well, you didn't tell us if it was a BOY or a GIRL!!!
So, my vote will be SUE.
#1 Like Johnny Cash's song...a boy named SUE...
#2 Like as in the Steppenwolf song

Pick mine! Pick mine! LOL
Have fun deciding!
SherryBee in AZ

Mae said...

I have to say from something you typed his name should be Nicholas Flammel. He must posess the elixer of life to keep on ticking. I have posted you candy on my blog. Thanks!!


Chrisd said...

What about Unsinkable or Energizer (like the bunny).
I did that too when we had fish.
We eventually gave up on fish and got a Guinea Pig.

Hugs from Michigan

Susan said...

how about yoda... lived over 700 yrs & survived the jedi "holocaust"

Susan in scottsdale

Anonymous said...

Oh I think it would have to be "Sucker Dude", what a sucker he is already.

I'll post on the two yahoo groups I'm on.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

How about the name Crusoe (as in Robinson? I'd love to win, and I've listed this candy on my blog:

Anonymous said...

When I was little my parents had several 10 gallon fish tanks. They were able to breed Angel Fish, not an easy task. That was until my brother told me they like Coco Puffs. By-the-way they don't!!!
How about Everlast or Super Dude
Sorry about the massacre.

Anonymous said...

I think the fish should be named Hudson after the recent miracle on the Hudson. I'll be sure and email some friends about your blog as I still don't have one yet! I have decided to get one just haven't had the time to set it up! Love yours by the way. Great cards!!!! Lisa

V Colbourne said...

How about "Lucker"...lol...a lucky sucker fish for surviving!! I've added you to my blog candies section too...heehee.

BoxerBrats said...

How about "Otto"? My thinking is for Otto Frank. He was Anne Frank's father, and he survived the holocaust to publish Anne's Diary. Since this has been the great fish holocaust, I thought Otto would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I had a suckerfish for almost 5years. and the same problem as you with the other fishies.

Maybe, Fenix. like Fenix the bird...?
Think that fits pretty good :P

Or maybe Tom Bombadill, like in the lord of the ring, cuz he's living in a dark place. With a lot of death, but still he survives there.

Ive emailed my scrapper friends about this goooood candy!

Hugs, Daniela/Neliz

Anonymous said...

Sorry, i meant Phoenix the bird. (Fenix is the way its spelled in Swedish)

Hugs again, Daniela/Neliz

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I learned a long time ago not to name my fish, cause when they do go it makes it all the more difficult to get over. So all of my fish are now named "Fishy". Original huh? My last fish just went to the great blue yonder last week, he was at least 4 years old and lived through an attempt on his life a year and a half ago. I have the opposite problem, I never clean my tanks and they end up filled with ammonia - one day I'll learn my lesson and at least do water changes.

We had a pink kissing gourami live 10 years when I was little... his name was "Pinky". :-)

Tracey said...

hmmm, how about George?? FOr no other reason than it was the first thing to pop into my head!!

I posted about your candy on my blog! Thanks for the chance to win!! :)