Monday, February 2, 2009

Where has the month gone?

I would LOVE to get some crafty stuff done. Really I would. Sigh... the craft room is still 95% completed. So right now I can't get much done because I want to clean the last little bit and be done with it.

This weekend I was getting ready for my Super Bowl party and cleaning the room just didn't happen. We had been planning to have a party for the last 2 months. Obviously we didn't know which 2 teams would be in the big game but since Kev and I are both Pittsburgh fans we reserved the right to make it a Steeler themed party.

To honor the big game, I decided to serve some tail gate food, "Pittsburgh" style. It consisted of meatballs in sauce, Italian Sausage in sauce with green peppers and onions, wings, perogies (thanks Christy!), pigs in a blanket (thanks Carrie!). Cupcakes, cookies, brownies and it goes on and on....

Well, I needed some bread to make meatball and sausage sandwiches. I had heard about a place that made really good bread, so I called. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: Hi, I had a question about your Italian bread. I'm having people for the Super Bowl and need it for sandwiches.
Bread Guy: Super Bowl eh? I make the best Italian bread. Get a big loaf, get your meatballs, chicken cutlet, what evah you want it'll be the best they ever ate. How many people you having?
Me: 14-16 people.
Bread Guy: So eh, how many feet you want? 3, 4, 5 feet?
Me: What?? Feet of bread?
Bread Guy: Yeah, I sell by the feet.
Me: Uh, OK, how about 4 feet? Can I pick it up Saturday?
Bread guy: No, I make it Saturday, you come Sunday morning.
Me: Uh OK...

I tell Kevin about the 4 feet of bread.

Kev: It isn't 4 feet, it's 4 one foot loaves.
Me: No, it's 4 feet in 1 loaf.
Kev: That's ridiculous. That's 2 niches per person, it'll be too much bread.
Me: I think we'll be OK.
Kev: That's a LOT of bread...

I tell my mom about the 4 feet of bread...

Mom: 4 feet, that isn't enough, that's only 2-3 inches per person.
Me: I think it should be OK
Mom: You're going to run out of bread.
Me: I REALLY think we'll be OK.
Mom: You should get 2 more feet.
Me: 6 feet of bread won't fit in my car. I'd have to stick it out the sun roof.
Mom: You really need some more.
Me: I have a Mazda, really, it won't fit.
Mom: well, at least you'll have other food.

Sorry for the picture, I took it with my phone.

For the record, we had too much bread and WAY to much food. I had to take it to work today. They ate meatballs and sausage at 9am for breakfast. Wow....