Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A face only a mother could love

Last week we were looking over the stuff at Kev's dad's house and deciding what we were bringing back with us and what his sister was taking. I came down the stairs and saw the most AWESOME thing sitting on the coffee table.

me - What a COOL nutcracker! That is Fabulous!!!
Kev's Mom - You want it?? It's nice, from the Black Forest Region of Germany, carved from one piece of wood. (she says eagerly)
Kev's Sister - You like it? Take it!! That is all you. (again eagerly)
me - Cool!!
Just then Kev comes around the corner....

Kev - AHHHH!! Put that thing down, I hate it! I had nightmares about it when I was a kid!!!(Kev's mom and sis mutter under their breath.)
me - are you crazy? This is a nice friendly nut cracker. Nothing wrong with it.
Kev - That thing is psychotic. It's gaping chattering mouth chases me in my sleep.
me - uh huh...
Then Kev leaves the room.

Kev's mom - (whispering) put it in your purse. Then hide it when you get home in a place where
he'll find it.
Kev's Sis - Yeah, yeah, that would be awesome!
me - he he he, (I scurry to my purse)

So, I almost made it home before I blabbed at dinner. I was most of the way through my cosmo when I told him it was in my purse. I cracked, I admit, I got nervous. I swear that he was in my purse more times on that trip home. I thought it would be better if I spilled the beans instead of him coming upon it by accident.

He said that I had to find it a new home. So, I called mom and explained the situation. She happily agreed to give him a new home. (She thought it sounded cool too.)
I decided to take some pictures of it for the blog. After I took them, I had a bit of an epiphany. See, when you look at it from the top (like you would as a grown-up) he looks friendly and nice.

When you take a picture from the underneath, at the same view point as if you were perhaps a child looking up at it, you get this...

Eeek!!I get it. To a kid, that would be horrific. On a happier note, I packed him up and sent to mom. She got it and had it on the table when my brother got home from work. He fell in LOVE with it and asked if he could have it. He named the nutcracker Walter.

Have a good night! ~Lara