Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Baby!

No, not me! So, I've posted that I had 4 pregnant friends. Well, in January 4 became 3 and on 3/30, 3 became 2!! One of my oldest friends just had a little girl! Baby Jocelynn was born on the 30th weighing 8pounds, 14 ounces. She was 3 days past her due date and mom was VERY happy that she decided to make an appearance without having to be induced!

All of my friends have had/are having little boys and she's the first girl! You have to check out the adorable bow holder I got for her. (Yes, I know she doesn't have any hair yet, but she will!!) The ladies who run Nap Time Creations live in Durham and I absolutely love their stuff! Heaven Help me if I ever have a little girl. The bows and the outfits and the matching...

K, How about a baby card? This is actually for a little boy, but a baby card never the less.

I took a 4 1/2 square of chocolate chip card stock and added a 4 1/4 square of Kraft paper. Then I cut 8 1 1/4 squares from SU! designer paper. I alternated both sides of the paper. Some people have new-fangled punches that make a perfect square. Not me, nope, not me... I cut each of these with my own little hands (and paper cutter...) I digress, The little man is from Starving Artistamps. I got him for their Million Stamp project. Basically for a dollar they sent you a stamp. I asked for a Doodle Factory one and I got this guy. SO CUTE!!

K, I used my Nestabilities and made a scalloped square and them I colored him with copics. Added a few buttons and some chocolate chip ribbon and there you go! To both of my faithful readers. You'll be happy to know that I recently got some different colored ribbon and perhaps I'll put the chocolate chip away for a while. Perhaps.. Well. I got lots of stuff to play with in the mail while I was away. Off to put them in some sort of order!

Enjoy! ~ Lara