Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Kev and I decided to dress up and go to dinner then to a party after. We went to the Halloween store and got Kevin a costume. He wanted to have crazy hair so we built his costume around that. He He... I wanted to be a witch and have Godiva be my black kitty. Let me tell you, she did NOT want to cooperate.

We got dressed and ready for the trick or treaters and took some pictures. When I went to get the kitty she yelled "no, no, no" (Yes, Godiva talks) I explained that she only needed to sit still for one picture.
Then there was Kev..
He was an evil Proctologist, complete with bloody finger... I kid you not.
The funniest part for me was that he didn't wear pants. Just shorts hidden under his lab coat.

Yep, that's my hubby!

We got all dressed and had the candy waiting and NOT A SINGLE kid came to the house. We live in a subdivision in a cul-du-sac. Not a single stinking kid.. I was a little annoyed until we went to the party.
Believe it or not, Kevin WON FIRST PLACE! Yep, $250 for his costume! He beat out Jesus and 2 guys from the Big Lebowski. I think the bloody finger pushed him over the top... Ewww
K, I have to get to work on this cup of coffee!