Sunday, November 8, 2009

One more Challenge!

That's right! I have yet another challenge down! The theme of this one was Coffee, tea or me. In a nutshell, it had to feature coffee beans, tea bags or a picture of moi. I went with coffee and me!

Do you see the resemblance? I looked just like this at about 8am this morning. Sad and armless without a shirt... Just kidding! I stamped Joe the Monster on Kraft card stock and colored him with a few copics. I stamped a polka dot border and added some vintage buttons. Then I glued a few beans into the center of the buttons! They smelled SO GOOD sitting on my desk, YUM!

Well, I have a giant pile of clothes to be folded and washed, I have to get working on them before Kev buys a new wardrobe because he can't find his!


alienanessa said...

Holy crap, that is way stinkin' cute!!! And I LOL'd at what you wrote!! hehehehehe

alienanessa said...

armless and no shirt hehehehe