Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Valentine's cards!

I am SOOOOoooo bored today. I had to take the VW in for an oil change and tire rotation at 9am this morning. At first they wanted me in at 730. WhAAAt??? it's an OIL change. After more pestering than I expected I got them down to 9. Bleck.. So, got the oil changed and I was up, coffee'd and accomplished something. Seriously, this was the most activity I'd done in the morning in a LONG time.

Then I went to Babies r Us and learned that there are some ridiculous things for sale there. I saw a baby bath and spa. Apparently babies need a whirlpool bath. Really... I think my mom washed me in a pot on the table. Then I was hungry and got a pretzel. Then I decided to learn how to knit and went to a yarn store to sign up for a beginner class. After that, I saw a sign at Whole Foods advertising a juice seminar and I went over there. The juicer wasn't $500 cool but it was OK. The juice was gross though. Then I bought some gluten-free cookies that I tried at Starbucks yesterday and some organic cookies that were shaped like eco-friendly things. in the box there are tiny windmills, a happy sun, the earth and a Prius.

After all of that I called Kevin and he made fun of me. He told me not to get a new hobby and to go to my craft room and make a card. Then he said I should be looking for a job instead. Yes, yes, I need to look for a job. So blog-world friends, I am an experienced department manager who specializes in call center management. Anyone know of anything in the Raleigh/Durham area??

I'm watching some trash TV instead of going to the craft room. I have a new episode of Teen Mom and Luger is perched in front of the TV ready to get started. So instead here's a little something I whipped up the other day. I again used my much neglected Unity KOTM stamps.

I pulled the turquoise from the designer paper to add a pop of color. Then I added some stickles and bling. It's a little different for me.

Huh, Kev's home. I'd better look productive. Peace out!