Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time to make some cards.

Happy Saturday! Today was a bit of a sleep in day for me. We went to see Steven Wright last night at the Carolina theater. We didn't get out tickets until that morning so the seat pickings were a little sparse. Apparently we could have had better seats but you had to be at above 5'4" to sit there. Lemme tell you, that's some BS. My short stature was discriminated against and forced into a less comfy seat. Boooo. At least the show was good. My favorite line was, "what's Jesus ever done for Santa's birthday?" snicker...

Today Kevin and I were looking at houses and we found some pretty nice ones that we really liked. Mind you, I need a job first before we can move but hey, I'm optimistic! There are some pretty good deals on new construction right now with some ridiculous discounts on options. One place was offering $35,000 in free options! Do you have any idea what I could do with that much $?? But for now we have to wait...

Instead, how about a little something I whipped up using one of my PTI sets?

I just love that these are made to be used with buttons. I have a bunch and they have a tendency to be neglected. I paired it with some paper from my stash, crushed curry and old olive card stocks. Nice and easy!
Well, I have to get to cleaning, we have some visitors coming tomorrow and the house is definitely NOT in company shape!!


miscanthuscrafts said...

i love this card. what a great way to use that stash of buttons!

CraftyMomOf2 said...

love that card lara! and that set is AWESOME! i was working with PTI's set Tiny Treats for my kids Valentine's Day cards for their buddies at school!! I'll post pics soon!!