Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine's treats

Today I had to run up to Oxford and drop off a special order and drop off some Valentine's creations. It was a delightfully warm 67 degree day today and I rode up with the sun roof open. For a girl who spent the first 27 odd years of her life in the Pittsburgh area, there's still something just a little wrong about that. This time last year we were getting ready for the great blizzard of 2009 where 6 inches of snow resulted in 700+ closings in the area. Growing up, 6 inches was just another Wednesday.

I'm not feeling terribly confident that we'll see any of the fluffy white stuff this year so I'll have to content myself with memories of winters past.... Sigh...how about a little something I whipped up for V-Day?

I made some diaper fold pouches and added a pack of conversation hearts. The yellow Necco ones are my FAVORITES and I always save them until the end. These aren't them and the yellow aren't nearly as awesome, but still adorable, right!!. :(

Then I inked up yet another neglected Unity stamp. Ugh, I really had 3 untouched KOTMs hanging around. I stink.
I colored it with my handy dandy Copics and made use of some happy V-Day paper.
Well, that's about it for now, I have to go rescue the knitting yarn from Titus.