Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lookie what I got!!

I LOVE mail, sigh... Packages, letters, magazines, you name it. Kev gets a little nervous when he sees all the boxes, especially when there seem to be a bunch of them at once. He wonders what I've ordered this time. Grin....

Well, this package came from my Bella sistah Marcia! Let me tell you, she is Da Bomb! I got an AWESOME box full of Halloween goodies and we all know how much I LOVE Halloween!

She sent 4, count em' 4 bottles of Stickles!! I was SO going to get black Stickles this week and she beat me to it!! A candy bar that is too cute to eat wrapped in that fun Halloween paper, hot chocolate, ribbon from amuse, blue and brown ribbon yeah!, 4 stamps, with one of them being a pirate stamp from amuse! I have been looking at this stamp for a while and wondering where I could find it. It's like she knows my brain!! What else, a witchy clip, California key chain, this adorable card..

So cute, anything even vaguely reminiscent of a martini makes me happy... To top it off, There was this guy!

The top of the cake comes off and there are M&M's inside!! OMG, it is the cutest thing ever! I think it may have to go to the office with me. I wonder if this counts as a spooky treat?



Anonymous said...

LOL...I understand hubby and boxes! Great stash you lucky girl.

Jennifer Lee said...

Oh, that "spooky" stamp just made me smile. Promise me you will make a fabulous card with that stamp and place it prominently on your desk!

Jana said...

How awesome!! Great stuff