Wednesday, October 1, 2008

let me tell you about a gnome...

So, I got a few gnome stamps from Just Johanna's Odd Bird Planet a while ago. Sad to say, I hadn't inked them up. Sorry Mr Gnome. From my post last week, you see that at least one gnome made it onto a card and I am happy to say that another one has popped up today.

I don't know what it is about gnomes, for some reason I think they should pop up in odd places. This coffee gnome is a fine example. You're sitting there, drinking your coffee, go to take a sip and something pointy pokes you in the nose... Look! It's a gnome in your cup! The startled gnome then leaps from your coffee cup and runs behind the couch, you pull out the couch and ... nothing's there. When my kitties randomly dig at a corner of the kitchen, gnome... The reason why I have no matching socks, gnome... Kev also believes in the presence of the gnome, apparently they leave the toilet seat up and don't restock the refrigerator with Diet Coke when they've taken the last can. I'm still a little sketchy on that one.

The sentiment says - "You are a mocha latte in a world full of cheap machine coffee." I for one can not think of a better compliment. Mine however, would be a soy mocha latte. Damn you lactose intolerance!! (Insert an angry fist shake) Back to the details, I used the Swiss dot embossing folder on the red square, and I am remiss to say that I can't recall where the polka dot paper came from. I added some green baubles (even thought you really can't tell) To finish it off and in honor of the annual switch from iced to extra hot lattes this week, I colored the cup white and place a green bauble in the center.

While I was digging through my scrap bin, and half watching Fringe last night (on DVR) I found this pretty paper and it just called to me. On a side note, have you seen Fringe? It's a pretty good show but a little freaky. The first time we watched Kev says, "Oh look it's Pacey from Dawson's Creek!" My head slowly turns to look at him... "How do you know from Dawson's Creek?" I never really got an answer on that one. Hmmm... Ok, back to the card. I know I am breaking away from the fall theme, but this chick just had to get out!

Adorable, I love these chickens from Gina K Designs The name of the set is Poultry in Motion. tee hee... Such a springy card, I think I'll have to save it to give away next year... I think I have to go back to fall cards.

Well, off I go. My mom sent me a big box filled with packing peanuts and I fear the kitties have spread them all over the floor. I also got a shipment from Homemade Gourmet that I need to open and inventory!