Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monkey News!

HAVE YOU SEEN??!! The Design Monkeys have been officially announced! I am super excited and honored to be part of this fabulous group of ladies! Check out our bios at: www.storemorestamps.com

Now here's the good stuff, In celebration of Little Monkey's turning one, they are giving away a mini set of sleeves with inserts in fun Birthday Colors for every order over $25!! How awesome is that??? The very most awesome part is that the mini sets are automatically sent if you order from the Little Monkey's site OR a retailer! Yep, automatic, no need to ask, they're yours!

This one might be my favorite part of the promotion... There are 5 Green Tickets hidden in the Birthday Mini sets, so be sure to look in your package to see if you are one of the lucky 5! I know, it conjures up images of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version not Johnny Depp... That one was a little too creepy for me) ... I've got a golden ticket... You could totally go nuts and order a bunch of sets looking for a ticket!

Any who, if you are the lucky holder of one of the 5 tickets, you get a trip to the Little Monkey's Studio where you get a lifetime supply of stamps! But be careful, a multitude of trials await! Ooops, sorry again, wrong story. I did hear that there were a few Oompa Lompas running around assembling the Little Monkey Starter Kits, but the rumor can neither be confirmed nor denied.

OK, no lifetime supply of chocolate or a golden goose or fizzy lifting drink, BUT if you find a green ticket you DO get a a new color set with each new release! How awesome is that??? AND, you don't run the risk of turning into a giant blueberry if you are a ticket holder.

One more thing, shoot on over to the Monkey Park and check out the new blinkies available for you to download. Show your monkey love and stick one on your blog!

Whoo Hoo this is going to be a ton of fun! check back frequently to see what the Design Monkeys come up with!!