Sunday, September 14, 2008

More people at the BBQ last night than at my HS reunion.

Do you ever feel like you have something bubbling up inside and just have to get it out? I've felt that way today. So many things just waiting to be said....

Yesterday was a jam packed fun filled day. I was at a craft show at the National Guard Armory in Durham. I went last year and it was my very first vendor show. (I really need to figure out how to get a calendar on my blog so I can post my upcoming shows.)Well, I've done a few events since then and I think I have the set up and break down to a science. They told us that it wasn't air conditioned but OK, I went last year, no biggie... Well, it was 95 degrees in Durham yesterday WOW was it HOT!! They had the giant door open, the one they use to drive the tanks through, but any breeze did not reach me... Nope, not at all. I had a good time talking to the vendors, I was next to April who's with Cookie Lee jewelry, if you're looking for some really cute costume jewelry, their stuff is great! I made some sales and got some contacts for home shows. Not to shabby for a vendor event. Lemme tell you, by the time 5pm rolled around, I was not the freshest smelling thing on the block. I had to pack up, run home, shower and get ready for a BBQ.

Every year my sorority alumnae association has BBQ kick-off in September. When we first moved here 3 years ago, it was the very first Kappa Delta AA event that I attended. 3 years later, I'm the president of the organization and wouldn't miss the BBQ for anything! I got there a little late and considerably fresher than I was at 5pm. We had an AWESOME time and I did not take a single picture. I'm still getting used to taking my camera with me places. I brought it, but it never made it out of my purse. I guess that's a step in the right direction. (I'll bet you a quarter that if you click on Carrie's blog in my blog roll, she'll have some pictures to show.) We had a great time and there were about 30 people there and a few new faces, I get really excited when new KDs come to the events and we had 3 or 4 new faces!

So, this weekend was also the year of my 15 year HS reunion. EEEKKK! Has it really been that long? I guess 1993 really was 15 years ago. Wow! I remember for our 10th anniversary someone had sent out invitations well in advance and you had plenty of time to decide if you could make it. This time, nothing, no letter, nada. I happened to be on Facebook and looked up Brooke High School and joined the "Friends of Brooke HS 15 year reunion" I believe it started by someone asking if we were having a reunion or not. At the end of July someone said that it was September 13th at the Follansbee Community Center. (Yep, the field house at the pool where we used to have our middle school dances. Did you have middle school dances? Did they play "Never Say Goodbye" by Bon Jovi at the end of the night??? I still LOVE Bon Jovi! Saw them in Greensboro in March YUM!) I digress. I didn't have enough lead time to plan a trip up there in that short of time and Kev is super busy with 2 operas and can't get away. Well, someone posted some pictures of the reunion on Facebook and WOW... 13 people from the class showed up. That's out of 336. 13! From what I could see in the pix, there were like 4 tables covered in yellow vinyl table cloths and a table with a few crock pots on it. (I guess that was dinner?) Seriously, they looked like they had a good time but it just got me to thinking.. (Look a southern phrase! Pretty soon I'll be saying "Bless his/her heart.) Maybe it was the contrast to the event I attended, maybe it reminded me where I came from, maybe it made me pretty grateful for the opportunities I've had over the past 15 years, the friends I've made and the places I've been. I'm not sure, I've been in a pretty reflective mood over the past 2 days and I think the pix of the reunion had something to do with it. I am pretty thankful that you all take the time to read my thoughts and ramblings.

Ok Dokie, off to shower and make some dinner. I have big plans for some HG Skillet Chicken and Rice. I'll take some pictures and post them later!!