Monday, September 8, 2008

Painting makes my toe hurt.

Hi all!

Busy, busy, busy... After my great success painting the upstairs bathroom, I was besieged with grandiose images of great DIY projects. I've painted a bathroom, yippee! I can paint more spaces, maybe a fun new technique, like sponging or rag rolling?? the curse of the messy painter has been broken!!!

Nope, not a chance.

I went to Lowes and described the awful "Herbal Garden" color that graced the downstairs bathroom. (Seriously, I liked it for about a minute and have hated it for 8 months.) I was told that I needed to cover the walls with primer before I laid down the "Gardenia Red". OK, I get it, Better coverage, blah, blah, blah, all I heard was 3 layers of paint instead of 2. But no! I CAN DO IT!!! I've tackled the "Lion's Mane" and gosh does it look good! I've won before, let's press my luck!! So, I get a new roller, a pint of primer and a gallon of Gardenia Red. My happy empowered self drives the paint back home... So proud, so proud...

Sunday morning.... I get dressed in my painting/hair coloring/any messy task shirt, put the hair in a clip and promptly run my pinky toe into the door. OUCH! Picture me, sitting on the floor moaning in pain and cursing the paint that caused me to have to change out of my jammies. (It REALLY hurt!)

OK, toughen up and limp downstairs to the bathroom. I took an old sheet and covered the toilet and most of the floor. Open the primer and wow, this stuff is runny... is primer supposed to be runny? I trusted the little man behind the counter at Lowes, he said this is what I was supposed to buy, it says "primer" on the can... Hey, I don't paint so they could have sold me a jug of baby tears and I would have put it on the wall. I think I have that look about me, that indescribable, indiscernible thing that says... I don't do manual labor, I'll buy whatever you tell me to. Maybe if I had on a paint speckled shirt or some work boots I could have saved 10 dollars... I digress, that "primer" ran all over the walls and onto the floor, nope, not on the drop cloth, but 2 inches to the right. As I pull on the cloth/sheet to clean up the spill... the rest of the primer tips over and onto the floor.

I think that's when the cursing began in earnest... If Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore had still been alive, they would have had an earful from me... So, clean up the primer and try to start again... But NO, WAIT... There isn't enough primer left to finish the room, nope, not even close.

I think the bathroom will have to wait for another day. Right now it's a disaster area and off limits. The 2 of us can p in another bathroom for the next week.

Sorry to vent, but I do feel a little better now. You know what would make me feel a lot better, me paying someone to finish painting and clean the bathroom... Any takers??



Debby said...

LOL. Girl hire someone! No one needs that stress!

Patty said...

Lara, I've been reading your blog and you crack me up!! Very entertaining stuff... hope you are doing well!

care said...

I can come help you paint if you want...primer should not be runny, go with your gut!