Sunday, September 21, 2008

Check out the bathroom

OK, so after all the bathroom paining drama, I thought I should post some pix of the results. Let me post a disclaimer... These are from the upstairs bathroom which was CONSIDERABLY easier to paint than the powder room downstairs.
The downstairs one was FINALLY completed today!!! I officially hang up my paint brush. Let the professionals take care of it from now on. :)
Sorry that the pictures are a little fuzzy, not sure what happened there. So, this is the sink, (obviously) I got that cute vase from Kirklands and the flowers from Michaels. I am LOVING the new SU! wall decors! I had to get the baroque medallions for the powder room, but I'll wait until everything is finished before I post the pix! I tried to explain them to Kev. I said that they were like plastic and peeled off a sheet. He said, "Like Colorforms?" No, not like Colorforms. They aren't a set of Smurfs and I can't change their clothes. Regardless, he likes them.

Here's the shower, and oops, sorry about the open seat. I guess someone left the lid up. Hmm... I wonder who? Well, at least you can't see in. Ewww...

You really can;t tell from the picture, but those are some Halloween towels. They have little black kitties standing on a fence. Awww.. Ever since we got a black kitty I HAVE to decorate from Halloween with what else... black kitties. :)

I was also creative today so I'm off to post some of that, but in the mean time, here's a photo of my very naughty kitty, who for some reason LOVES ice cubes. He'll even dig into your glass to get one out. He's also a little bit of a jerk. Hey, some cats are friendly, some are cuddly, some are mean, why can't mine be a jerk? Don't get me wrong, I love my kitty, but I really think he does stuff to P.O. me. I yelled at him the other day for trying to get in my glass. I went into the other room and watched him jump on the table, go to my glass and lick around the inside rim. Gross...

We just gave in on this one.




Debby said...

The bathroom is cute. Love the colors. I had a cat who insisted on sticking his paws in whatever drink was on the table and flicking it at the nearest person. Too funny to watch.

Karrie Baker said...

your kitty looks just like my HJ. He has passed on but what wonderful memories your kitty just brought back...sigh...I loved that cat. :)