Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Candy Corn

Sometimes I really amuse myself. Last night was one of those times.

Let me start this post by saying that I LOVE candy corn. However, I only like it from September 15th - October 31st. That's when it's the freshest since they make more of it for Halloween. My darling hubby tells me that I have lost my mind. He says that they make candy corn all year round and store it in a warehouse. Then, in September they release it to the public.

BLASPHEMY!!! September /October candy corn is fresher and considerably more delicious than year round candy corn. I told him that they ramp up production in July/August to make enough for the Halloween season and make other things like Peeps the rest of the year. Still doesn't believe me... They also make that awful Easter Corn which is NOT the same. It lacks that delicious "fall" flavor. This is also the man who I have been debating with for the past 4 years that Indian Corn is chocolate flavored.

Kev: Why don't you eat the Indian Corn?
Me: The brown part is chocolate and I'm a candy corn purist. Yellow, orange and white, don't need any other corn colors.
Kev: You're crazy, it all tastes the same, it's just a different color.
Me: No, Indian corn is chocolaty
Kev: No it isn't.
Me: Yes it is.

Fast forward to me in CVS holding a bag of Indian Corn.
Me: Look, one of the ingredients in the Indian Corn is coco powder. It isn't in regular corn, SEE, different!!!
Kev runs away and refuses to look at the bag. Repeat scene every October for 4 years.

Sadly, it's only September 23rd and I have already eaten my candy corn allotment for the season. :( Really, it's for the best.

So, in honor of the candy corn, I made this adorable card!

Don't you LOVE the designer paper??!! So not on sale.. The gnome and sentiment are by justjohanna's Odd Bird planet. The little corns in the background are from Whipper Snapper Designs. How CUTE is this??? However, I realize that I stink and totally messed up his candy corn hat. ARGH!!! Why would I transpose the orange and yellow?? Any who, I ate the display corn after the pix was taken. :)
Update: The candy corn is wrong on the DP! See, not my fault!



Ann Kranitz said...

This candy corn card is way too yummy looking!!! I too love Candy Corn and fill up a huge glass pumpkin every Halloween season and plant it on my kitchen table. Even my kids now know to look for the candy corn in the pumpkin. Happy corn eating!!!

Suzanne J Dean said...

LOL! So love that image and sentiment--too funny!

Suzanne Dean

Danyel said...

That's hysterical! Very cute!

aka Nelliebella

justjohanna said...

so clever to color the hat like that!

Laura O'Donnell said...

I love this!

Godelieve said...

Fabulous card!!

Cathrine StClair said...

This is one awesome card! It really made me laugh - very clever.