Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Lush-ious

I was super excited to see that a Lush store had opened at the mall. For those of you who've never been, Lush is an awesome company who makes cosmetics by hand using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. They also use little to no preservatives or packaging. Yes, everything really is made by hand, each item in the store has a little sticker on it with a picture of the person who made it and a use by date.

They have a lot of great soaps and bath bombs. The soap is made in giant blocks and you tell the lady how much poundage you want. She then slices it and wraps it in wax paper. Just like cheese, but you want to rub this stuff on your body. Well, perhaps you also rub cheese on your body... who am I to judge, but I really think you'd have more friends if you switched to Lush soap...

I digress, I bought a few things the other day, one of them being the "I Love Juicy" Shampoo, mmmm it smells just like a fruit smoothie and your hair smells good ALL day.

The one I had to share with you was the soap. I bought a chunk of the Godmother Soap. Why that soap? 2 reasons, first, I had no soap in the downstairs bathroom. Second, there was a Swedish fish stuck to the sign. Why a Swedish Fish you ask? Well, the soap smells like Swedish Fish! The color of the bar also coordinates nicely with the walls in my bathroom. I know I'm a dork...

I take it home and put it in my bathroom. It really smells like Swedish Fish and now, my entire bathroom to smells like candy. Note, while it does smell like candy it definitely does not taste like candy... Yes, I did, I was curious... Here's my problem, the walls are a deep red color, very similar to the fishy candy. If you close your eyes or leave the lights off in the bathroom, which, I actually do frequently as that the sink and mirror are directly in front of the toilet. Very disturbing to look at yourself while in such an indelicate position, it kinda feels like you're p'ing in a giant fish. For real, I could imagine that the sensations would be frighteningly similar, except perhaps the t-seat would be slightly more squishy. Sorry, I had to share.
Off I go to get ready for this weekend's show!


care said...

you make me giggle.

Meli Mitchell said...

That was such a funny post. It made me giggle too.

And how would you know what peeing inside a big giant fish is like??!!??