Sunday, October 26, 2008

One boy and his journey

Hey all! wow, so much happening, so much going on, not a whole lot of time to blog. Luckily I took some pictures along the way, yep, sure did. Busy schedule didn't leave a lot of time for crafty stuff, but I've got plans and ideas, does that count??

So, what happened this week? Let me take a few steps back, back to March. Kev has played fantasy baseball with a group of his friends from Long Island for something like 10 years. This year he played in that league AND told me that he had an invitation to play in another league where "you can win a lot of money". I was only half paying attention and said OK. It really doesn't matter to me how many leagues he plays in, one two, seven, it's all the same. He still has to "set his line up" every weekend and fret over injured players. The fantasy baseball season is 26 weeks. Yes, half a year of this. Really though, for the cost of the entry fee divided over that many weeks, It isn't terrible and it keeps him off the streets. It could be worse, he could be looking at dirty websites instead.

After a few weeks I asked him about this new league, if you can win a lot of money, how much is the entry fee? Still ,no answer, but after that he asked me if he were to win the league, could he get a giant TV? Again, not paying much attention, I said "Sure whatever you want." Note to self, listen more closely... You seem to be missing important info...

As the weeks and months progress, he starts adding things onto the list... big TV, surround sound and a Playstation 3. It really started to pick up at the halfway point when he told me that he'd won the first half. After that, 13 more weeks of really obsessing about the team, calculating the various categories, can one person pass him in RBI's but his pitching is better, this category can't be caught and this category hinges on this game. EEEKKK!!! I get it though, a TV was on the line. (Especially after the last time he visited my parents and saw that their TV was bigger than ours. It just didn't seem right to him...)

Needless to say, Kev won the league. Yep, after 26 weeks of line-ups, injuries, suspensions and league drama. He had his first place finish. HOORAY!

Well, I had the job of finding a stand. Kev is NOT a builder, he believes that furniture needs to come already assembled and someone moves it into your house in one piece. I'm totally fine with assembled furniture, especially TV stands. So, the battle began. Functional vs. stylish. I insisted on something that looked like furniture and I was fine building it. (Yes, I received tools 2 years ago for Christmas. I LOVE my drill!)

Well, I FINALLY found one that we both agreed on and we placed the order. It arrived Thursday and was leaning up against my garage door when I got home from work. Oh, let me just mention that Kev tracked it and since the stand was arriving on Thursday, he figured we could build it Friday and be good to go. Did I also mention that we were going to the state fair AND I had 26 of his choir members coming over for Sunday brunch?
Any who, here's the box, all 126 pounds of it.

Let's open up this bad boy.. Yes, we have purple couches in the living room. When we moved her, I had furniture from my apartment and him from his house and we both hated each other's furniture. (My red couch ROCKS though!!) We compromised on these ones, Muy comfy.
Lots o' packing for 1 stand. Well done though, I must admit.
More pieces...

A damn big box... Notice the cream shag carpet? Nope, we don't have any kids. I {heart} shag carpet.
Woh oh, we're halfway there...

Apparently I built this for their amusement. It really only took about 3 minutes for them to climb all up in it. Again, black kitties, so hard to get a picture of...

I AM a MASTER CARPENTER! Bob Villa, eat your heart out!

Saturday morning at the crack of dawn there was a knock on the door. It was Fed Ex bringing the speaker system...... I don't really understand what it does or why it's so much better than the TV speakers. All I know it that there's another remote for me to lose.

Such a happy boy...

Well we went to the fair (those pix are coming...) After we got back, we went to the store to get another cable. (I won't tell you about how I ran into one of my employees there and had NO idea who he was. There are too many of them to keep straight and he only started 2 weeks ago. I really can't be expected to know everyone's names yet. Thankfully I did rememebr his name before we left the store. PHEW!) We got home, took a nap and the nice men from hhgregg delivered the new TV. All 61 inches of it. The TV and stand are taller than I am. The good news is that I was having a heck of a time deciding what to put on that wall in the living room...
Problem solved

He went and got the PS3 and a game today. So happy, so happy... It's nice, it really is, and I'm most happy that he won it.