Sunday, November 2, 2008

The State Fair!!

Kev and I moved to North Carolina 3 years ago this past August. Prior to that we were in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.... (please insert your own comment). We were pretty excited to move to a place that had, ahem.. slightly more to offer. A few weeks after we got there we started seeing signs for the NC State Fair. Now, we had never been to a state fair before. Parking Lot carnivals, sure, but never a "state fair" So that first year, our curiosity won out and we've been going every year since.

This year I brought the camera to take pictures of all the delights of this year's fair. First stop, the chicken tent. Not being a "country girl" I've never seen animals or livestock up close before. TV sure, but I'm pretty sure the petting zoo at the park only had a goat and some random ducks.

There were other decorated chickens throughout the fair. There may have been other animals, not really sure, but I "know" there was at least 1 giant decorated chicken.. Inside the chicken tent we saw this guy. Apparently he is the best that turkeydom has to offer. He isn't on my table filled with oyster stuffing, so he doesn't rank terribly high in my book. And he hid behind the sign. bad turkey.

Near the turkey there were a bunch of baby chickies and duckies. Awww... You could hold them and they peeped. So cute, the first time I've ever held a bird of any sort, Kev had a duckie, and a chickie for me. I told my mom and she said: "Did you wash your hands?!" Yes mom, I washed my hands after I touched the birdies. They're too young to have birdie HIV, I can't imagine what else they could be carrying. Ewww. perhaps it was to clean off the birdie poo...

Then we made our way over to the bunny tent. I HAVE seen a bunny up close before. Unfortunately it had to be wrestled away from a certain kitty. No, not my present kitties, it was our cat when I was growing up. My kitties would love to chase a bunny if they could but I'm not sure what they would do with it. I can't imagine if they caught this one.
I think this bunny would kick your a$$ if you let him out of the cage. I'm pretty sure he has a pair of brass knuckles hidden under that pile of fur. You know, it kinda looks like a bunny head sitting on top of a pile of gray cookie monster fur. Did I mention that this is also a highly revered bunny? First in his class thank you. I think he threatened to rough up the judges if you know what I mean.

Here is the most fascinating and horrifying part of the fair, the fried atrocities. I think that people who work at carnivals and other assorted traveling food stands have nothing better to do in the evening than get drunk and smoke some happy. Add that to a jar of batter and some hot oil, and this is what you come up with.

This year's newest "creations" were fried Mac and Cheese and Fried Pecan Pie. Last year they had fried Coke. No, I don't understand how they did that one. Kev did try the fried PB&J last year. It was a Smuckers Stuffable on a stick. Yes, everything is on a stick.

If you squint you can see the sign for fried whoopie pies. Shudder...

Next over to the exhibition hall to see the giant vegetables, quilts and prize winning pigs. In the lobby was this guy. I don't know what it was or what he was promoting. I do know that it was 10 feet tall, spoke in a creepy voice and made children cry. Notice the frightened child in the picture?
We ended out day staring at the 600 pound pumpkin. (Do you see all the people who come out to look at vegetables?)

After that we headed home. the TV men were coming with Kev's TV and we had to move some furniture. Overall, a successful day. I held a chicken, saw 40 types of bunnies and got some cotton candy. Nice...