Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I should be ashamed of myself...

But I’m not.

Let me tell you a story, a story of a girl who loves election Tuesday and eagerly awaits the coverage every 4 years. She's always voted and thinks that every vote counts. Well she married a boy who doesn’t vote. He simply doesn’t have the time. Despite their political differences, they married and have lived very happily for the past 2 years.

The girl wants the boy to vote but how? Knowing his competitive nature, she initiates a wager. If the boy votes, she will cook him dinner every night for a week. If he doesn’t, he has to do the laundry, washing AND folding for 2 weeks. Simple enough right? The girl bases her bet on 2 things.

Inertia – boy has never voted.
Procrastination – The boy will put off voting until the last minute, on Election Day, with Tuesday’s being his busiest work day.
The unknown – Could everything truly go right the FIRST time he tries to vote?

Needless to say, the boy accepts the wager. During the weeks leading to the election, the boy and girl have regularly discussed the merits of the wager. Was it a good wager and why? The girl stands her ground and routinely goads the boy about voting and how she doesn’t think it will happen. The boy retaliates and begins to make a menu of the dinners he wants to eat.

Fast forward to Election Day. The boy has put off voting (didn’t early vote) and has 1 day remaining…

Morning – Boy goes to voting precinct. (If he had voted early he could have gone to any voting station in the county. On Election Day he has to go to his assigned precinct.) He isn’t in the book of voters. Apparently he failed to update his address when they moved 2 years ago. To vote he must go to his old precinct, obtain a letter and take it back to the correct precinct to be able to vote. Calls girl with update. The tide seems to be swinging in her favor. Girl laughs and explains how she counted on the unknown factor. Boy angers and seems to have reached deep for that little something extra to propel him through the rest of the day.

Afternoon – Between meetings and driving between appointments, boy makes it to the precinct and gets letter! Calls girl to gloat…

Evening – the bet still stands! What will happen? Will the boy’s competitive nature win in the end???

To Be Continued….

UPDATE!!! He voted! I think everyone wins in the end. Don't you?


Shannon Roberts said...

YEAH!!! And that really is super sweet, funny, & awesome at the same time! So; what's for dinner??