Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's in a Surprise?

Blog Candy, blog candy.... read this post and scroll on down for blog candy...

Let me tell you a secret… I am terrible when it comes to presents. Terrible…. Not the giving, but the receiving. It’s not that I don’t LIKE surprises, I’m just rarely surprised. A little background for you, when I was 10 I received a purple unicorn sweater and a pink sweater with an “L” embroidered on it. I didn’t like them, and my pre-teen self was apparently pretty vocal about it. I remember they really were pretty bad, even for 1985. At that point my mother swore that I would pick out all of my own clothes for Christmas. Fine by me, but that turned into me picking out all my gifts. I make my mother a list and she gets exactly what’s on that list. Nothing more, she figures that since I asked for it. I’ll be happy to receive it. And she is correct.

Well, that’s progressed to her now telling me when she buys the item and not even trying to hide the purchase. Again, fine with me EXCEPT my DH feels that I should have all surprises and ONLY open presents on that special day. Between you and me, that is a big pile of poo. If you receive a gift in the mail you don’t SAVE it, you OPEN it! Kev goes out of his way to hide my gifts. Last year, when my mom sent the Christmas box he intercepted it and hid it in my next door neighbor’s pantry. Carrie, If Kev asks if you can “keep” something for him, it’s Christmas presents from my parents. Just tell him that I should be able to open them and you refuse to buy into the madness. THANKS! He won’t even let me make him a list or give suggestions. Seriously! He doesn’t know what lives in my head, how would he know what I really want?

Any whoo, I’ve been hinting for a while that I would like a new camera for my birthday/Christmas. You’ve seen my pix, you understand why. Perhaps the hinting was not exactly subtle, but I digress… So, I was talking to mom last night and here’s an excerpt of our conversation:

Mom: I’m mailing your birthday package next week. It might get there a little before your birthday.
Me: Can I open it when it gets here?
Mom: Yes you can open it.
Me: (covering the phone) ha ha Kev, my mom said I can open my present when it gets here! I don’t have to wait and you can’t hide it!! Ha Ha….
Mom: Yes, you can open it so you can take it with you when you go to Thanksgiving and take pictures at dinner.
Me: Thanks mom!

Notice how she didn’t try to hide the fact I was getting a camera? Thanks mom!!!

I then relay the story to Kev and he just sighs. Now I have no idea what he’s getting me or if he had coordinated with my mother or if he had planned on the camera and she beat him to the punch…. He’s not spilling. In a future post I’ll have to tell you about how he wants the ALL presents to be wrapped and under the tree for a week before Christmas. We did that the first year we were together and it didn’t go well. I mean seriously, he didn’t want me to shake them or touch them in any way. No peaking or nothing! Really, he almost lost his mind. I can be a bit, ahem persistent…. Since then the presents come out on the 24th after I’ve gone to bed. Just like Santa.

Well, since we all know it's my birthday month.... Have you seen the blog candy? Scroll down 2 more posts to check it out! I was super excited to use my TCP stamps and play along with this weeks TCPTUES.

The challenge was to use Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Creamy Caramel and Chocolate Chip. Here's my contribution. This card DEFINITELY falls into the "so much cuter in real life" category. Hopefully my new camera will pick up colors a little better... Grin... The DP is from an old SU! pack and the cardstock is from PTI. So awesome.... I Stickled the cakes and put some Crystal Effects on the stands. WAY cuter in person.
Any who, while you're here, shoot on over to Laura's blog she is a fellow Design Monkey and has some pretty sweet blog candy as well!!!
Alright everyone, enjoy your weekend!!


Fink said...

I love the colors you had to use! You made them look so easy to make a card with