Monday, November 24, 2008

Stoner Starbucks dude.

I went to the mailbox today and got 3 awesome Birthday cards from my Bella Sistah Marcia! Not only were the cards awesome, she also included some clear stamps AND a Starbucks Gift Card!!! YEAH!!!!!

I love Starbucks...

Which leads me to my next story,
I had to run to the bank on my lunch break last week and decided to head over to the drive-thru Starbucks. I order my...grande, sugar free vanilla, soy, extra hot latte. Yep, it's a mouthful, but absolutely delicious... Damn you lactose intolerance!!! (insert angry fist shake)

So, I pull up to the window to fork over my $4.20 and I reach for my new handbag. At the vendor show at work last week, this lady had handbags and I got an ADORABLE giraffe print bag with red straps and a red band around the top. Happy Birthday from me, happy birthday from me...

Any who, I reach for the bag and the Starbucks counter man says:

Stoner Starbucks Man: DUDE!! Your bag... matches your.... CAR!
Me: Yep, matches my cell phone too. (Both car and cell are red, not giraffe print. Just to clarify.)
Stoner Starbucks Man: Whoah! What kind of cell phone?!
Me: Blackberry
Stoner Starbucks Man: DUDE!
Me: I know!
Stoner Starbucks Man: Whoah! Here's your coffeelattevanilla something really hot!
Me: Thanks!

As I drove back to work, that got me to thinking, how high do you have to be before your manager sends you home from Starbucks? I mean he just gives change and hands out drinks that someone else prepares. So, unless you get an attack of the munchies and scarf down all the marble pound cake...I guess you could be pretty high and it not terribly effect your performance.

Then I started to wonder, how high would one of my employees have to be before I sent them home? Then I realized that I could never prove my suspicions and I would only know by the abundance of Cheetoes dust left on the desk top... Mmmm....

So, here's to you Stoner Starbucks man! Way to keep on keeping on!


Marcia said...

Hey! Since Starbucks went the Skinny route, I've been able to save a lot of words! A Vente Skinny Caramel Latte is a whole lot easier to say than Vente, Non-fat, sugar free Caramel Latte!

reeree62 said...


Jen said...

Ok... Dude-ette! I need to know about your handbag lady! Your bad sounds adorable and I'm wondering if she has an online business where one migh be able to buy a similar bag??? :o)
Also... used to work at an espresso bar. We did not call our customers "dude" because it was considered RUDE but apparently Starbucks doesn't mind. LOL
Great story though! Mmm... I need to run to the store where there is a little starbucks bar inside. I think a chocolate-almond-cinnamon-something-really-hot is in order!

Susan said...