Monday, October 26, 2009

More Kitties!

So, I had to make more than one black kitty card. For this one I used a Whipper Snapper set that I had gotten last year.

I love the cheezy grin on the kitty's face. I paired it with some fun paper with glitter pumpkins. and used my Martha Stewart cob web punch. Now, let's see if we can get these mailed before Halloween, me thinks I need some stamps.

As I was taking some pictures this morning, I was reminded by one of the kitties that he was being neglected. I think he's exaggerating but I took a picture just the same.

That's Luger, and he is a fluffy cutie. Can you believe that he's ONLY 6 months old??!! This kitty is going to be a tank!!

Alrighty, have a great afternoon!!


care said...

um, holy moly lara....
1) that card is CUTE.
2) that cat is FIESTY. and CUTE.
3) as your cat-sitter I read the title and went "dear lord, do they have four or five cats now???" heehee.
4) whew. ;) especially 'cause Luger IS a tank. already.