Saturday, October 17, 2009

Suzy Homemaker?

I just sat down and wrestled the laptop away from Kevin. As I sat down Kevin declared that today was one of my top 10 Suzy Homemaker days. Huh. It's well known around these parts that I am not a domestic goddess. I despise cleaning and really don't understand cooking. Meat baffles me and I am far better at ordering off a menu. You spend an hour or 2 cooking dinner to eat it in 20 minutes then another 30 minutes to clean up the kitchen.

Today I woke up and took some crafts to Oxford. Almost all of my Halloween cards had sold and I wanted to get some more up there as well as some Breast Cancer Support cards. So, go there, then to Party City, then a little decorating. Get home and I decided to make some low fat banana bread using a recipe from the "Hungry Girl Cookbook" (LOVE this cookbook!!!) Then I made dinner and as part of dinner I decided to see if I liked butternut squash. Again using the Hungry Girl Cookbook I peeled, sliced and grated a squash and fried them like hash browns. VERY tasty but I'm not sure if the healthy benefits outweigh what a PAIN it is to prepare... Then make and clean up dinner. Ugh, where did the day go? I think I'd rather be Suzy crafter than Suzy Homemaker. Kevin would disagree...

So, how about a Halloween tag? This is one of my QKD creations using the Batwing Lolita stamp. I colored her with my Copics and adhered her to a tag.

I love the fall vibe. It makes me SO happy (as do those bats from my MS punch!) Well, I have a little more crafting to do! Have a great evening!!


Queen Kat said...

I LOVE this!! how cute.