Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Love

OK, I might be a few days late for Valentine's day but I've been a bit busy. The stinky part is that my time in the craft room has definitely suffered a bit. The long story is that I have been delightfully unemployed since last August. I was a department manager in the mortgage company for a large bank who was acquired by another, even larger bank. I spent the beginning of the year slowly displacing my staff and eventually myself. Then I enjoyed my severance for a while and started seriously looking for a new position in the beginning of December. Good news is that i was recently offered a new position as a Sales Trainer for a large call center and I start this Friday! I think Kev's excited to get me out of the house. I do consider myself pretty fortunate though. I know that a lot of people are in the same boat as I was and haven't had much luck at all. Definitely excited though, especially since i head right to Charlotte the following week for training.

So, I do have a little V-Day card to show off. This one uses Steph from InStyle stamps. I really love their retro stamps! So cute!!!
I colored her with my copics and added some fun bling that I picked up at Archivers. My favorite part of retro images is the colors you can get away with for the clothes. I KNOW that my mom dressed me in pink shirts and maroon pants in the 70s. Ha!!

Alrighy, back to the Olympics!