Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Halloween Cards

I think this set from Whipper Snapper Designs is ADORABLE!!! It's called Spooky Expressions and I absolutely fell in LOVE with it! It has some great sentiments and all the "spooky" animals have smiley faces.

I trimmed an inch off the front of the card so it's shorter than the back. The spider is stamped on the inside of the card. I used my white gel pen to color in the eyes and teeth. It was the first time I've used the gel pen and wow, I had NO idea it would be so versatile. I still need a better picture of it though, I'm having trouble with the flash reflecting off the card. I think I just need better lighting.

On another note, I wanted to post a little something that's been bothering me. As evidenced on my blog, I like to do all kinds of creative things. I also apply that creativity to my job. In the past it served me extremely well as a sales manager and trainer as I thought up all sorts of sales contests and incentives. At this job, I'm on all sorts of committees and work to plan fun events for the entire building as well as my department. Well, I was sitting with some of my employees and talking about some different ideas for the fall. They've been working really hard and we need to have a little fun. One of the the things we came up with was "Spooky Treats" You know, bring in a Halloween themed treat. Note, I didn't use the word "Halloween" because someone might find it offensive.

Well, after the meeting, someone came to see me. Apparently "spooky" is synonymous with "Halloween" which is evil. They didn't think we should have spooky treat day as that not everyone in the department celebrated Halloween. Unable to contain myself, I asked if "Spooky Treats" would be acceptable on November 3rd. No response... I went on to explain that regardless of your personal beliefs, in October, there is a plethora of candy packaged in tiny bags. Why don't we have a day where we eat that candy. Call it whatever you want so it's non offensive, but the end result is the same. Again, no response...I really think that people get caught up in looking for ways to find fault in things and they miss the true purpose. We just wanted to have a day of candy and treats, (except for out waistlines) where's the harm in that?

I honestly have to say that that is the worst part of being a manager. You work so hard to think of things that are all-inclusive and try not to offend anyone, but there's always one who ruins it for everyone. It's just extremely disheartening and as a result, many of the other managers have stopped making an effort to plan events. It's sad, just sad. What is wrong with a spooky treat? Are Halloween M&M's evil and therefore should not be eaten? Does that mean Christmas M&M's are OK? Is there a good and evil side to the M&M plant? How does their HR decide who works on which side?

OK, I think I got it all out. In the mean time, I'm looking for some spooky treat suggestions. Evil Rice Krispy treats mean more for me. Bwah ha ha...


Meli Mitchell said...

LOL, that bat is so funny! That grin is hilarious. Great card!

Hulachickabella said...

I wish Halloween lasted longer! I love this card!!

Mel =)