Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things that amuse (and sometimes frighten me) part 2

When I was visiting the parents in Pittsburgh I asked mom if we could go to Pat Catan's. Pat Catan's is a local discount craft store chain. Everything there is like 40% off every day. Seriously, EVERYTHING is on sale. (Yes, that included Nestabilities! I think they were 25% off.) So happy... Well, on some of the end caps there were some really cute embellishments for a dollar.

I rarely use flowers or buttons on my cards. Why? For one, I really don't have any and 2, I don't know what to do with them. (Side note, I got some buttons on sale the other day at Michael's. Could I perhaps be branching out???) K, I got this little pack of felt flowers for a dollar. I saw from the front of the box that they had little felt circles in the center. Cute, huh?

Well, I was looking through the pack and noticed that some of the flowers had little X's on them instead of little circles. OK, I can deal with that.
Then I turned some of them over and saw this.....!

AH!!! scary dead eye flower faces!!! What the heck?!!! How am I supposed to put that on my cards??? Geeze, why don't I use them on baby cards or cards to send sick kids in the hospital. "Yeah, look, grandma, what a lovely home made card and... OMG the flowers want to steal my soul!!"

These 2 are especially spooky and a little evil in my opinion. The flowers could at least have a smile on their faces. They're flowers for goodness sake, how bad could their lives be??!!!
Peaceful dreams!


Jen said...

ROFL! maybe you can save the scary face for a Halloween card. LOL