Monday, July 27, 2009

Things that are for "other people"

Have you ever looked at something and thought, "I would love to have/do that, but that's not for me, that's for other people." A little sad when you think about it, but really, we all have said something similar at one time or another. For me, something I never thought I'd have was landscaping. Yes, tress, grass, plants and things that create photosynthesis. I can look at a plant and it starts to wither. Put it in my house or yard and it has a week to live, two at the most.

We really wanted to make a nice yard when we moved into this house. At the old house we killed everything. Then we hired someone to put in some plants to give us more curb appeal when we listed it for sale. I barely managed to keep them alive until closing. I turned over the keys to the new owners and everything turned brown and died... This time we were determined to make it nice.

We moved in to freshly laid sod and a few bushes. We were doing ok UNTIL the great drought... Everything died, everything except the weeds in the back yard. Why can't we have a hybrid weed/grass? Kev and I gave up on the yard. We knew that we'd have to call in professional help... So, a year later after a few letters from the home owners association.... We called in the big guns.

Here is the front porch sporting the special city pass that allows us to water the lawn every day if the week instead of every other day from 6am-11am. We hadn't heard about the restriction until the lawn police came to visit and asked us to cease and desist. Why would we water dirt and weeds? Ehhh??? So, after a little palm greasing we got our permit the following day. Not sure why we're under a water restriction but the water gods have allowed us to keep out sod alive, at least for another day. If we finish watering before the pass expires, I may sell it on the black market. I hear I can get big bucks for a water pass.

See that red bushy looking thing in the corner? I planted that! I went to Lowe's and asked for something I couldn't kill. Apparently that bush fits the bill. The lawn is our brand spankin' new sod. It's green and squishy.

Off to the side of the house where we have some bushes. Apparently they will bloom in various colors.
Pretty sure I have some gardenias and azaleas over there. Is that??!! Could it be??! a pink flower on that bush???
Sure is! the plants are a bit shocked from being uprooted and replanted but they're supposed to come back.
A little sad, but a start!

Here's the new fence and the right side of the patio.
Those little vines will grow up around the fence and make pretty smelling flowers. Pretty sure those are jasmine. Then there are some Ligustrum and Little Richard abelia? At least that's what they said they planted. Not sure it's Little Richard and not Jerry Lee Lewis or Chubby Checker. I'd totally plant a Chubby Checker bush.
Corner of the patio and the Crepe Myrtle. It's also a little shocked from the transplant. The leaves might grow back this year but maybe not.. Since this picture was taken the kitten has relieved the tree of one branch.Then they put some knock out roses along the back side of the patio. Mama said Knock you out... oops, just channeled a little LL. I digress.
Here's a shoot of the right side of the patio. See the new porch? We are loving the stamped concrete. We had it stained a light brown with a dark brown border.

And the left side of the patio.
I am actually sitting in the chaise on the patio typing this post. Kev has a book next to me and 2 of the kitties are frolicking in the yard. Luger tried to climb one of the trees and he did a respectable job for a baby kitten. Then he got to a vertical branch and looked like a fat kid trying to climb that damn rope in gym class. Hence the broken branch.
Well, the light is fading and the bugs are biting.


Merri J. said...

Your little Lowes bush looks like a Nandina. My mom gave me several of the little trailers of her Nandina bushes, and I kept them in a pot outside for two years before I finally figured out where to plant them. I don't think that I ever watered them. Now they are 4-5 feet tall! Definitely hard to kill those guys.

Your yard looks gorgous! I'm going to have to come hang with you on the porch ;-)