Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crazy week.

I swear, I spend all week thinking of awesome blog posts but then I have to do random stuff when I get home and can't put my awesome creativity on "paper". Blah, blah, blah, make dinner, do laundry, clean the bathroom. Yick!

I wanted to make a real quick post before I get ready to go to dinner. I was a terrible slacker and am JUST now posting my TCPTUES card. Hey, I finished it before next Tues right??? This week's challenge was to make a card using blue and orange. Yes, I know they are contrasting colors on the color wheel (as taught by my HS art teacher). But if you can't throw convention to the wind on a card, where can you?

I was reading the local weekly paper which posts all sorts of Indie and alternative things to do and I saw that the Cowboy from the Village People was one of the hosts at the Gay and Lesbian film festival last weekend in Raleigh. (Told you I was behind...) The picture was straight out of 1978 and I wondered if that was the last time he had a publicity photo taken. I mean really, it's been 30 years, weren't you even at a birthday party or something? Then again, it's nice that he gets work, seriously, he wasn't a "real" cowboy so what did that leave him after the disco era ended? Huh?? I just didn't see him with a whole lot of marketable skills. Now the Policeman and the construction worker, they thought ahead.

I even drew on the 1970 molester moustache and a little chest hair. Then I put chocolate chip Stickles on his hat. You certainly can't be in the Village People without a glittered hat. I also thought that "Hey Buckaroo" was a statement that might be overheard in a bar where gentlemen with glitter cowboy hats would hang out. :)

I should apologize to Alma at the Cats Pajamas, I'm sure this wasn't what you envisioned when you designed this guy, but I couldn't help myself..



toners said...

OMGosh! I love these! And Ronnie's mustache ROCKS!! ROFL :)

Leigh O'Brien said...

I love your cards, Lara! And Ronnie is my fave TCP gave me a good belly laugh with the mustache. Too dang cute! It's perfect.

Love Eat Cake too...I bought a bunch recently but haven't had time to use them yet. Just might have to get those out this week.

Thanks for playing along with us!