Monday, August 18, 2008

To those of us who grew up on the "Street"

Many of you may not know this but my DH is a man of many talents. This semester he's teaching college, directing a church music program and acting as the chorus master for the local opera company. Crazy! I'm not sure when he'll have time to breathe over the next few months.

The opera in question is Carmen and after accepting the post, asked me if I knew the show. (I am NOT an opera girl, not a bit, musical theater sure, but opera, nope.) So I scoured my brain and replied,
Sure! I remember the orange from Sesame Street

Kev: Huh?

(OK, it's conceivable that he missed it, not all of us were glued to PBS as kids. Heck, when there's only 13 channels and 1 of them has Sesame Street, The Electric Company AND 321 Contact which would you watch?)

Me: Yeah, the orange rolled out of the fruit bowl and gathered a sponge for hair and a rubber band for her mouth. She sang and when she hit the high note her face flew off.

Kev: That's the most horrific thing I've ever heard. If I saw it, it gave me nightmares and I've blocked it from my memory.

Me: Wus... 2 year old me slept just fine.

To celebrate a time when Mister Snuffalapagus was still invisible, Mr Hooper ran the store and Bert and Ernie were just 2 really good friends splitting the rent... Here you go.