Saturday, August 16, 2008

I made some cards and re-took a few pictures

Again, I feel So dang smart today for being able to figure out the camera. Seriously, we've had it for a few years and I have NEVER been able to get it to work properly. Imagine my joy (and my DH's as well!) when I took a decent picture! Woo hoo!!!

So, I was half watching the Olympics and making some cards at the same time. I realized that my Bellas hadn't been inked up in a while and those girls were screaming to be let out! Here's a cosmobella which by the way, is my first and still favorite Bella. (I got her and winobella at the same time, huh... sense a theme?)

Isn't she adorable? I used my snazzy new blender pens to color her in.

I was on a roll today with the camera, I had my natural light, had my cards out, camera was snapping away then...
Not interested in the card, just the paper it was sitting on... Thanks Titus.


Suzanne J Dean said...

Very cute CosmoBella! Love the color combo! I know how it is w/ the kitties, mine are always jumpin up on my table and onto my projects--they love to be the center of attention no matter what-lol!!

Suzanne Dean

Krystinah said...

So cute...Pink and brown are my favorite colors...Thanks for sharing...Kristina

Holly Craft said...

Hi there, I commented on SCS on your quest to take better photos...I suggested cloth behind your card so the background doesn't show....LOL...I guess a cat will work too! Too funny!

Kim said...

LOVEY your bella....she is in my FAVORITE 2 colors!
Hugs~ Kim

Scrappie said...

I love your CosmoBella card, I love the pink! So, great job!!!!!


Glitter bella aka Jessica Ottevanger from the Netherlands