Saturday, August 16, 2008

I think I like blogger a little better

Well, I finally took the plunge and joined the blogging community. I thought about it for a LONG time and debated the pros and cons. Did I want to be one of those people who jumped on the blog band just because everyone else has?? Mom always asked "If your friends decided to (insert awful thing that sounded REALLY cool as a 10 year old) would you do it as well? Being the adorable and oftentimes precocious child that I was, my answer was more times than not YES! I guess a little of that still remains today.
Seriously, I observe things and feel compelled to comment on them. I think that sounds like a great starting point for a blog. I'm also a Consultant for Homemade Gourmet and I think my blog would be a GREAT place to show off our yummy products. If that wasn't enough, I recently started stamping and card making and have been inspired by some of the super cute blogs I frequent.
Shhh... Can I also confess that I have been a little jealous of the blog candy so many stamp sites give away? I couldn't play with no blog. Now....
I hope you enjoy!

(I cut and pasted my 1st 2 posts from another blog. I tried out another site, (I won't name names, but Blogger really seems a lot friendlier for a beginning blogger)


Reddiekim said...

Welcome to the neighborhood, Lara.

I also love, which helps me keep track of all my blogs.

Look forward to reading!