Sunday, August 24, 2008

Makin' some cards when I should be cleaning.

Yesterday after much deliberation, I painted our upstairs bathroom yesterday. For those of you who know me, you know that painting is NOT my forte'. I believe that I am genetically incapable of painting without covering myself head to toe in paint. The genetic thing comes into play because my father is the exact same way. I guess it's conceivable that things like that can be passed on from generation to generation. You could get mom's nose, grandma's chin or dad's inability to paint. Now mom and brother, they don't have a problem. They emerge from a perfectly painted room without a drop of paint on either themselves or the floor. I don't get it. I opened the can yesterday and immediately had paint on my foot. Hey, I'm not meant for manual labor, leisurely pursuits are more my speed.

The good news is that I've accepted my disability and have learned to adjust my life to deal with it. People who lose one sense compensate by over-developing another, right? Well, I've done the same thing. For me, "adjusting" involves Jeff who routinely comes and paints rooms for us. (He comes to the house with a roller, a 2 inch brush and a sheet for a drop cloth. No tape, no nothing, it's all free hand. I don't get it...) Well, DH was away at an all day work thingy so I decided to try my hand at painting a bathroom. I am proud to say that the walls are now covered with "Lion's Mane" colored paint from Behr. (So is the tub, sink and toilet.) Later today I have big plans to clean the paint off the places where it doesn't belong and put the tp back in the roll. Voila! ready to go!

In the mean time, I whipped up this little card for me. I like him and I think it needs needs to live in my cube at work.

This is Zot from Starvingartistamps. Their creatures always give me a chuckle. I thought the sentiment from inkadinkao matched perfectly. I used SU! Blue Bayou and Pumpkin Pie to color him. Yep, this one's all mine...



Dawn said...

Aww adorable - I love that sentiment stamp!
thanks for stopping by!

Carri D said...

oh my gosh! I LOVE that card! what a cute stamp, and you did a great job.

Debby said...

Reminds me of Plankton. Too cute!