Monday, January 26, 2009

Brr, it's cold in here!

Yes, we had snow! 6 whole inches!! Hey, for here that's a lot. When I was growing up we called that Wednesday. Grin... In North Carolina, that cancels work for everyone and equals over 700 closings. Yep, they closed the banks. Not only were we closed Tuesday but we didn't open Wednesday until 11am. It was awesome!!

Here are some pix I took...This one is from the front porch while it was still snowing.

Then a pix of the cars from the front porch.

Then I got a little crazy and ran to the edge of the driveway in my PJ's. I'm from the north right? How cold could it be? Really cold, let me tell you! Then Kev scolded me for for getting my PJ's wet.

Then it stopped snowing and Kev and I went outside to play. I completely lost my ability to throw snow balls AND I realized that I didn't own any snow boots. (Or other acceptable shoes..) Hey, we left the snow shovel at our old house when we moved. No need for it in NC.