Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This year we didn't get to see family over the holidays. It's 8.5 hours to mine and 12 hours to see Kev's. Also, with him being a church music director, our Christmas Eve is usually filled with at least 2 services. We had a nice quiet laying around day on Christmas, one more day of work for me on the 26th then we headed to Atlantic City to meet some friends and partake of the casino!

I lost, I always lose, I know it's because I play slots and the odds are terrible. But I do so love the flashing lights, the spinning reels and the music. Love it, sigh... It's good that it's so far away.
We stayed at the Tropicana and it was fabulous. I love kitsch and AC is full of it! SO many track suits, blue hairs and wise guys. I LOVE IT. We had a great time with the friends and stayed an extra day after they left. that night we headed over to Caesar's Palace for dinner. On our way to the restaurant I passed this.
Mighty Caesar, ruler of nations, head of the Roman Senate, his face has adorned countless statues, buildings and paintings. The tales of his accomplishments are still studied to this day... Here he is, dolled up with a Santa hat for our amusement... Oh the indignity!!
(All of the Muses were wearing Santa hats as well.)

Then a lovely dinner at Continental YUM! We went to the Pier shops where I headed to the mothership. Sigh, Kev is very glad that we don't live closer. There are so very few things in this world that you can look at and fall in love immediately. For me, this is one.

Mmmm.... alright, I'm actually going to get some crafty stuff done!