Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brrr.... Snow??

Wow, how awesome is it to wake up to a pristine white layer of snow on the ground? Then, how about you find out that your office is closed for the day? Yep CLOSED for the day! I had flashbacks to when I was 10 and SOOO happy when school was cancelled.

So, what causes the banks to close in North Carolina?? 4 inches of snow! Yep, count em' 4 inches. Grin... As a former northerner, something about that still seems a little wrong, but I'll take it!!! Kev and I made breakfast then went outside and played in the snow. Wow, my snowball throwing skills are severely out of practice!

Regardless, I was extremely happy to have one more day off. You see, the last 3 days have consisted of me clearing out my spare bedroom and turning it into a craft/Homemade Gourmet room. I still have a few more hours of work left to do and think I can be finished today!!! I'll post some pictures as soon as I do, along with some pictures of the snow that are sitting on my camera downstairs. I'm REALLY excited about the room. Prior to this is was a "spare" bedroom, complete with bed, but I had so much crap in it, it was barely usable. We'll be gaining an entire other room of usable space. Pretty sweet in my book.

K, back to sorting the piles!


Oma said...

I am ROFL!! 4 inches is nothing! I've got 2 feet of the white stuff on my front lawn! We got about 7 inches on Saturday into Sunday and the drive to work on Monday was a bit messy but 4 inches!?! LOL

I live in Toronto ON Canada and we have already had 117 cm. (46 inches or almost 4 ft.) this winter with 2 more months to go.