Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Baby!

I realized that I hadn't posted any new pictures of my baby kitten. Here's Luger waking up from a nap he was taking on the kitchen table..

That's what a 3.5 month old kitten looks like. Yep, 3.5 months. He is a tank and has enormous paws! Last night he ate all of his wet food, finished the rest of Godiva's and Titus' wet food, came into the living room, stole a piece of ham from my chef salad and then ate 4 pieces of lettuce. I don't get it, neither of the other 2 kitties like people food and this one will eat anything!

Have a good night!


Merri said...

Maybe he is part white tiger? :-) He's definitely a cutie! Oh and my guess is that Titus and Godiva are just too set in their ways to want people food, those uppity-ups! JK - tee hee!