Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going away present

The economy is taking a toll on everyone. Nearly every day I hear about another person is being displaced or laid off. I know that at my job it seems as if we're having a going away party every other week. I know how difficult it is to be laid off, but I can also speak as a manager and let me tell you that it really stinks to displace your staff one by one and watch the department slowly dwindle. Today I displaced 30 people. It stinks.

Needless to say, I've been making a lot of going away cards and presents. One of my employee's last day was a few weeks ago and I used one of Lauren Meader's timelesss templates. Let me tell you, it was super easy to put together and I actually assembled it at work. (Yeah, not much going on right now.)

I used the new Dusty Durango from SU! and matted the dp with Crushed Curry. I am really lovin' on those new in colors! I filled it with some tissue paper and added 3 full sized bottles from Bath and Body Works.

See how it all fits?? Now the lid only fits with 2 bottles but since I left it at home that day, I put all 3 inside. Grin...



Donna Baker said...

that is so sweet of you, and thanks for the whole perspective of how hard it is on the management (I was laid off 3 mos ago and saw some sadness in my boss's eyes but of course I was fuming on the inside since I was not warned of the lay-off to be somewhat prepared-I think it's good when companies give you a heads up) Sorry you've had to deal with that but you are so kind to give parties and gifts to ones being let go). This is really thoughtful!

Danni said...

How clever!! Wonderful project and wonderful thoughts behind it!